In an increasingly interconnected world, the prevalence of financial fraud and scams has risen to alarming heights. The repercussions of falling victim to such activities can be emotionally distressing and financially devastating.

At Claim Assist, we understand the turmoil that accompanies these situations, and our dedicated team of financial recovery professionals is here to guide you through the journey of fraud and cryptocurrency recovery. With our specialized expertise in fraud mitigation, scam recovery, and cryptocurrency restoration, we are your trusted partners in reclaiming what’s rightfully yours.

BEC scam Recovery

Business email compromise, or BEC – defined as a fraud tactic using email to socially engineer an employee to install malware or unwittingly transfer/redirect funds into a fraud operator’s account. This is an increasingly sophisticated and elusive fraud tactic. We have provided an API  in helping companies to positively identify and authenticate customers before payment. 

Data Protection

The overall goal of analytical thinking in the context of data protection is to improve processes in a way that enhances productivity and ultimately leads to more tremendous success. We take proper time to Identify the problem of our clients, gather the necessary information from all relevant sources building to the their case, develop a deeper understanding of the issue, come up with new ideas and solutions, Implement new solutions. Analyze, test, and review the effectiveness of the newly implemented solutions.

Forex scam recovery

Forex trading scams are when criminals trick people into investing in fraudulent foreign currency schemes. They often promise once in a lifetime investment opportunities where traders can make high returns overnight. The scammers often disappear after they’ve received payment, leaving investors with nothing but we have a developed a way of getting investments back from these type of scams.

financial consultation

Our financial planners manage $275 billion in assets for 1.3 million families and individuals. The advice you get is objective because your financial planner doesn’t earn commissions. We only employ fiduciary financial advisors, which means they only act in your best interests.


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