Finflow-x ( Scam Broker Review

Finflow-x has been blacklisted by the Austrian Authority, Australian Authority,  Switzerland Authority and Italian Authority as an organization that isn’t authorized to conduct financial activities.

We strongly believe that many individuals who engaged with Finflow-x have fallen victim to deceptive practices, leaving them in a bad financial situation, even though they might not be aware of it yet.

Finflow-x, like many financial trading / investing platforms, may have presented itself as a promising opportunity for financial growth and security.

Unfortunately, some unethical individuals have taken advantage of unsuspecting investors, leading to substantial losses and disappointment.

If you suspect you have been scammed by Finflow-x , you are not alone, and there are steps you can take to begin the recovery process.

At Claim Assist, our mission is to do all the hard work on your behalf and to recover your stolen finances back to you.

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4 Responses

  1. After almost losing all my live savings to Finflow-x, I did a thorough search and found Claim Assist. Reached out to them and provided them with details of my case. They assigned me to a consultant and I can honestly say that I have gotten all my money recovered from Finflow-x.
    My family and I will always be thankful of Claim Assist.
    If you’ve also almost money to this scam of a company, you should go ahead and let Claim Assist handle your case. 5 stars for their recovery service

  2. Finflow-x are crooks. They steal your money and won’t allow you to withdraw. I signed up 5 months ago and was assigned an account manager (Peter Novak) who initially started out in a very friendly manner, after a few weeks he became very aggressive. He called me unprofessional because I wouldn’t invest more money with him, after I had already invested AUD$73,000. We went back and forth and then he basically accused me of wasting his time, I’m not serious and dropped from his roster and said his company would find me another account manager. I rejected that option and asked to settle my account, his response was that it was nothing to do with him and to deal with the customer support team. After 12+ calls and 20 or so emails I can’t get hold of anyone or get any response. I have had 3 separate withdrawal requests rejected and they are trading on my account, with my money, with no account manager assigned. They are the lowest of the low! I have contacted Peter Novak a number of teams and I get the same response to stop filling up his inbox. DO NOT invest with these crooks at / .com

    1. That is the absolute worst. I had the same experience with Mr Novak and I can honestly say that Finflow-x should be avoided by everyone
      I wish I had known not to invest in this company.
      I think, like me, you should just send a message to Claim Assist.
      I almost lost AUD$128k in deposits and AUD$301k in profits and they recovered everything for me, at a fair cost too.
      Don’t waste any more time with Finflow-x. It would always be one excuse to the next.

  3. Saw their promises and signed up. My finflow-x account showed a profit after a couple of months and then the pressure came on to increase the investment. Classic scam tactics. Advised them by phone that I wanted to withdraw my money and close the account. Guess what, I can no longer access the platform and the emails dont work. SCAM all the way. Another bunch of Dirty low life scum.